A start-up with 125 years of experience

KUBIKx is an independent venture builder supported by Schmitz Cargobull. This allows us to be as agile and innovative as a start-up while being able to access the global network, expertise and 125-year history of a global market leader. 

Our history gives us the ability to support our bold focus: we want to help create the next generation of logistcs. From transportation infrastructure to supply chain models, data management to the integration of A.I., we believe that our industries need transformation on a huge scale.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do, just as it always has been for Schmitz Cargobull. We are focused on developing groundbreaking technologies and new models that allow our customers to grow and innovate into the future.

We will only do so by being engaged, taking calculable risks and ensuring we act in a truly collaborative manner. Only in this way will we ensure the coming decades are as beneficial as the previous 125 years, for all of us.


Together we are building the future


Building solutions & ventures on emerging opportunities

Identify market opportunities

We continuously analyze market trends & changing customer needs to identify new market opportunities within the field of logistics and beyond.

Explore cutting edge technologies

We believe in leveraging new technologies. That’s why we continuously experiment with emerging technologies to evaluate their potential for long term business impact.

Build strategic ventures

We believe in entrepreneurship. That’s why we pursue new business opportunities by building and investing in independent ventures that have the capability to drive digital business.


A head start we’re willing to share

Open space & digital talents

We create an open space and unite digital talents to identify and exploit opportunities that could shape next generation logistics.

Corporate resources & technology infrastructure

We provide access to our unique infrastructure in order to unlock the potential and to create and distribute new services.

Industry experts & partner network

We want to provide our partners with unique solutions to solve problems – therefore we grant access to our extensive network.


Join us today. Help create tomorrow.

You’re all about solving complex problems, exploring new technologies and turning your vision into building new ventures – step by step that have the potential to build the next generation of logistics. Then we’d love to talk to you.


Join our team

Our network. Your partners.

From global players to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, we’re building a network that we believe will help us all achieve the goal of creating the next generation of logistics.


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